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Craniosacral Therapy

Within Stillness, Your Stories Unfold


Craniosacral therapy is a sensitive body therapy, and its approach acknowledges the mind, body and spirit. It invites healing at all levels and encourages your system to find balance in its own way.

The gentle and peaceful approach of Craniosacral therapy is suitable for everyone including babies and children.

A Pathway to Wellbeing

Qualified Therapist

I am a qualified therapist in Craniosacral Therapy, with the expertise to help you restore your natural balance. I am fully insured and subject to the code of ethics of my professional body, The Craniosacral Therapy Association of the UK.

Is Craniosacral Right For You?

Who does it help?

Each individual’s circumstances are unique and the story of life events is held within the body. Symptoms of pain or dysfunction within the body may be due to injury or the result of a coping mechanism which has been held over a period of time. Emerging symptoms may involve both the physical and emotional.

Suitable For All Ages

Is Craniosacral Therapy right for you?

People come to CST for:

Painful physical conditions like headaches or bad backs

Longstanding physical and emotional problems such as stress, anxiety or fatigue

Regular treatments simply to support health and well-being

Babies And Children

Caring for the little ones you love.

Parents bring babies and children to CST for:

Early infant feeding problems such as sucking, colic and reflux

Discomfort and restlessness

Childhood ailments both physical and behavioural

Pre, During and After Pregnancy

Here to help with all the stages of pregnancy.

Women come to CST for:

Preparation for pregnancy and birth, balancing emotional and physical tensions

Minor pregnancy ailments such as back pain

Gentle support for mother and baby

Philippa Davies



Pippa is such a kind and nurturing Craniosacral therapist. She has consistently been generous with her time and care, and has supported me through ups and downs with her warm, gentle manner. Pippa senses exactly what I need from a treatment so I leave feeling more aligned. I feel most fortunate to have found Pippa and recommend her highly.”


Amazing… cannot praise highly enough the results Philippa has achieved with my Grandson. From birth he has had a condition which resulted in the most disruptive, aggressive and wholly upsetting behaviour. We found Pippa when he was 11 years old, in the first treatment she diagnosed his problem and the outcome was incredible. His teachers and peers immediately noticed the change in him. With occasional maintenance visits which he himself requests, we have a much happier, healthier child in our family for which we are truly grateful!


We have just returned from the hospital and they were astonished about how much William could move his neck now and have now discharged him. I can’t thank you enough. You truly have worked your magic, thank you from the bottom of my heart x. You have truly done an amazing job for us”

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